Brazilian Blowout at Salon DNA

Brazilian Blowout at Salon DNA

This is a holiday special price you cannot pass up.  You’ll receive a beautiful box of chocolates and a gift card. This is a perfect holiday gift for yourself, or for someone you love.  


Brazilian Blowout 101

If you have wavy or curly hair and don’t get a Brazilian Blowout on a regular basis now is the time to try it.  At Salon DNA, caring for curly and wavy hair of all types is our expertise and we are the best in San Francisco. Since there is so much demand for the Brazilian Blowout, we are offering a special price this month to get as many people to try it as possible.  We believe in this treatment because the results are so dramatically good.  

What’s so great about the Blowout?

A Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment used to straighten hair without causing damage. Within a few hours, you can have straighter hair that is moisturized, healthy and has brilliant shine. You can walk out of the salon with a great looking head of hair.


What makes Salon DNA’s approach unique?

A great Blowout is determined by two things – high quality products and an experienced technique.  At Salon DNA, we use the best products on the market including Inoar Keratin, London and Magic Sleek.  We don’t cut corners, mix expensive and cheaper products together  nor skimp on the amount of product we use on each client.  We know that good results require excellent ingredients, and this is what we provide.  Second, our application technique has been perfected over the last decade and all of our stylists have been rigorously trained by Master Stylist Technician Adelice Miller.  Our technique involves a highly skilled flatiron process that goes beyond what is  outlined by product instructions. Our technique seals the protein to the hair, making it stronger, more flexible, and able to retain more moisture and shine.

If you have frizzy or curly hair, you probably have problems with dryness, since curly hair cannot distribute oil all the way down the shaft as efficiently as straight hair.  A Brazilian Blowout is the best way we know of to straighten the hair without breaking the hair structure. Our technique has been proven to work on even the curliest hair, resulting in beautiful, healthy hair that shines in the sun.