Have you ever imagined a product that straightens the hair, reduces the volume, treats the damaged part of the hair fiber, and has no formaldehyde? Now, this is possible! Discover the Magic Dritto DNA products, in particular, the Magic Perfect Straightening Dritto DNA line. In addition to straightening the hair, it also takes care of your damaged hair, leaving it healthy and shiny as if by magic.

The Magic Dritto DNA products were developed by the professional hairdresser Adelice Miller, who dreamed of a straightening that was not aggressive with the strands and even helped with hair restoration. In this way, customers and their different types of hair could maintain the smooth effect in a beautiful and, above all, healthy way.

The entire Magic Dritto DNA treatment line has other benefits, such as protection against wind, sun, and chemicals. It is the latest technology available when it comes to hair treatment. It is the revolution of all types of straightening: progressive brushes, permanent brushes, and capillary botox. If you choose to have straight hair, know that it is possible. And most importantly, healthy!

How do Magic Dritto DNA products work?

Magic Perfect Straightening Dritto DNA products were developed for hair treatment and straightening. Besides, they also serve as protection against wind, sun, chemicals, and much more! They are perfect for year-round use. This line contains shampoo, keratin straightening, and treatment mask, to be used after straightening. The main objective is to make the hair straight, smooth, and, above all, healthy.

The main active ingredient in the Magic Perfect Straightening Dritto DNA line is tannin. This substance makes capillary surface softer, more flexible, and unbreakable. Dritto DNA, in its laboratory, managed to synthesize the tannin for use in cosmetics. Also, the products contain natural extract of Argan oil, Marula oil, and amino acids, which promote and enhance the hydration of the hair, maintaining the amount of water needed within each hair cuticle. And this powerful combination of tannins, oils and amino acids is what sets Dritto DNA products apart from any other existing hair straightening on the world market!